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Pregnancy Belly Casting Barnoldswick Lancashire

I am so excited to share this with you all! Have you ever heard people say that when you are pregnant, you can't remember what it is like to not be, and when you are not pregnant, you can't remember what it was like to have a bump? (did that even make sense? haha)

Well as you probably already know, I pride myself on capturing moments to enjoy long after we have forgotten them, obviously the main way I do this is by creating lasting memories through portraits. But now I can offer you something just as special as well as images, Belly Castings!

photographer colne

When your bump is showing well, you can come along to my lovely studio, sit down, relax and let me create your very own lifetime bump!

I will start by asking you to use the bathroom, as it can take around an hour from start to finish. It is best to wear some underwear that you don't mind getting messy, I do provide towels but it is a messy job! Once you are sat comfortably I will cover your tummy in Vaseline, this will help the cast to be removed easily and pain free once dried.

photographer colne

Then I will use strips of special casting bandages to create a few layers over the top of your bump. Once there are enough layers on its time to sit back and wait. This is a great time to tell me your birth plans, how you met your partner, any baby names you have or even plans for your newborn session. It really is a lovely chance for us to just sit and have a chat. The cast doesn't take too long to dry enough for it to be easily lifted off your tummy.

Your tummy will now be really nice and soft from the Vaseline and is like a skin treatment in itself (always an excuse for a little pampering :) ) I will provide you with some wipes so you can clean off the excess.

photographer colne

Seeing your bump preserved in a cast is such an amazing feeling, if you have an 'outie' belly button, then you will see this too. And you can imagine your little one all snuggled up inside waiting till they are ready to come and meet you :)

photographer colne

Your cast will take at least 48 hours to fully dry, so you can leave it with me at the studio ready for the most amazing part at your newborn session.

It will be quite hard to believe when your baby is here that they will fit inside such a small space, but the results are just amazing!

photographer colne

photographer colne

photographer colne

photographer colne

And now you get to take your belly cast home with you :) There are lots of ideas on pinterest for decorating your cast, you could even use it as a fruit bowl! It is sure to be a conversation starter when guests come around.

Belly castings are the perfect extra special keepsake that you can add to your sessions with me. Please contact me for more information Email: :)

Thank you for reading!

Nikita xx

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