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Half Term Fun! Studio Photography Using Sandstorm Photoshop Action. Family Photographer Colne, Lanca

So as most of my fellow parent photographer friends will know and tell you, there is such a thing called 'Photographer's Child Syndrome' Basically because our lovely children are usually our go to models for testing out new lighting techniques and various other things they generally don't enjoy being in front of the camera and it usually takes all kinds of bribery just to get the updated family portraits done!

My son is almost 13, and is a prime example of this 'Syndrome' Every time I ask him to come to the studio I get a reply of huffs and puffs and 'Do I have too?'

So you can imagine my surprise when he asked me if we could do some updated portraits over the Easter half term! I was over the moon as I love photographing him and you can never have too many photos of your children, especially when they are willing to be in them!

He wanted to do something different and creative, so we looked around the internet for some inspiration and came across the Sandstorm Action for Photoshop. First we needed to create an interesting shape so we started with getting my son to jump and try and hold a position in the air before landing.

This was so much fun and the outtakes make me laugh every time I look at them! With his permission I am allowed to share them!

Safe to say he slept well that night after all that jumping! haha!

We kept going and I guided him till we had one we loved...

Then comes the magic part...

Then he decided he wanted to fly! So we got creative with some composites...

First off he had to balance on a stool while my husband held up his cape, then I needed an extra image of his legs without my husband in the shot so I could put them both together afterwards...

Stool removed and I have tilted him to give the illusion he is flying, now to add some clouds...

And then using the Sandstorm action to create some extra magic...

Then my husband wanted to join in with the fun! And where my boys are concerned there always has to be some sort of violence theme, and some superhero powers thrown into the mix!

So we started with two images...

Then I put them together...

Can you guess where this is going? Haha!

And again using the Sandstorm action in Photoshop my son gains some pretty intense magical powers...

I can honestly say I am glad he doesn't have this power for real, as I can imagine I would get more than just sighs next time I asked him to help me test out something new! haha!

We all had so much fun creating these and my son Dominic even helped with some of the editing, I will make a photographer out of him yet! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog :) I would love to hear your comments below.

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter half term!

Thank you for reading

Nikita xx

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