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Your Digital Christmas Session with Nikita Kayleigh Photography

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Last year I held a drop in day at my lovely studio in Barnoldswick, where I had over 50 families visit in one day for a quick Christmas photo.

Due to the current situation of 2020, I am no longer able to offer this as an option this year. However I still want to create some magical memories for as many of you as possible!

So here are the 2020 Christmas digital photoshoots!

Options 1,2 &3:

All you need to do, is send me a photo of your child/children stood in front of your window like above.

And let me work my magic to create a wonderful Christmas image for you like the ones below:

A few tips to help you achieve the best from your image:

- Make sure it is daylight outside, but not direct bright sunlight which makes you squint. A cloudy day is best (and we sure get lots of them in the UK!)

- Please make sure any Christmas lights in the window or room are switched off

- It can help to hang something in the top of the window, or stick something on the window near the top (where the heart is in the original image above) Then have your child/children to point at this.

- Try and get a full length photo, this will give me more to work with when completing your image/images

- For younger children it is best to sit them on a stool/chair so that they are up in front of the window

- Don't use portrait mode or any filters on your photo, just a nice clear and steady picture from your camera will work best

Options 4, 5 & 6:

For these images, you need to change the angel that you take your photo from. Some of the tips above will also apply and here are a few more:

- Pose your child/children so they are facing the window, and take your photo from the side

- For multiple children, you will need to pose them close together with the tallest ones at the back, making sure there are no gaps between them and the background

- This one will likely benefit of sticking things on your window, I find taping a packet of sweets/chocolate coin works really well, they can have it as a treat after smiling for Santa! :)

The price is the same as last year and just £10 per photo and you can choose however many as you like, or choose all six for just £50!

So you have taken your photo/photos, what's next?

Please email your photo/photos to and let me know the number of your chosen image/images

I will then send you over my bank details, and once I have received your payment, you will receive back your completed image/images within 48 hours


I am so excited to create these images for you and help spread some Christmas magic!

Nikita xx

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