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Newborn Photographer, Barnoldswick Lancashire

So I have seen so many other photographer's beautiful promo videos and have always wanted one of my very own :) But due to various things including moving studios three times in a year I have just never gotten around to it. That is until now!

I am finally settled into my beautiful dream studio in Barnoldswick where I plan on staying for the foreseeable future :)

newborn photography studio

So a few weeks ago I invited the lovely Brogan to my studio and he was an amazing model

Newborn Photographer Lancashire

I had a videographer come along too and he created my very own promo video!

I love how it gives you a little glimpse into how your newborn session will be and it makes me emotional every time I watch it! I know Brogan's Mummy will also cherish this video just as much as me as he will of already grown and changed so much in these few weeks.

I hope you enjoy it too!

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family photographer barnoldswick, lancashire
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