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Print your photos! :)

Hello :)

So i wanted to blog about something a little different today, something not about my business but just as important :)

I would like to ask you a question; How many times do you take a photo on your phone/ipad or camera, upload it to Facebook or Instagram etc and then forget about it? If your answer is over 1,000 then your close to me too!

Growing up as a child i used to love getting out the photo albums and looking through them. When visiting friends and family i would always look for the photo albums and ask if i could have a look, even if i didnt know the people in the images i just enjoyed flicking through the pages and studying the faces and places in each one. I still do now :)

As you can imagine, my home is full of professional images and i cherish each one as much as the last, especially our large family portrait that hangs pride and place above our fireplace.

family photographer colne

But what about all those other photographs, the everyday moments, the blurry faces, double chins, spots and messy backgrounds. The phone photos we take each day, in the moment. I have hundreds if not thousands of these on my phone, cds, hard drives and on social media. My Facebook profile is full of them. But once they have been taken they seem to be forgotten about. (Until they pop up in your Facebook memories!)

I will be honest, i find it difficult as i always look at them as a photographer and pick out all of the 'technical mistakes' but these are honest and true moments or our lives.

So i gathered up some of these pictures and sent them to be printed...

This is just a few of them! I can not explain the feelings i had looking through these, but the difference between holding them in your hands rather than looking at a screen in a million times better!

So now it was my turn to create some photo albums full of memories and special (if not random!) moments...

I think the best part of doing this was watching my son's face as he was looking through them, seeing him smile, laugh and reminisce on all these moments forgotten. I was surprised when he said he had'nt seen most of them too, which also made me a little sad, but now we have them printed we can all look through them whenever we like and pass them on through the generations.

These are by all means not professional photos and are just basic prints, but they are one million times better than being lost in the digital world and forgotten about.

So why not have a look through your phones, Facebook profile etc and get those special moments printed? Although i use a professional lab for all of my clients images, is a great place for cheap prints to put into albums like mine above.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog, and i hope it has inspired you to print your photos too :)

Please let me know what you think below.

Thank you for reading

Nikita xx

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