Christmas Mini Sessions

What To Wear Guide

  Hello and thank you for booking your Christmas Mini Session, not long to go and you will be entering our magical wonderland and watching your Children's faces light up when they see the set ups! 

  There will be two set ups this year, The first is the Victorian house scene. This is for the children only and they will need a smart coat/Jacket. 

 We also have Santa's postbox in the studio, so your children can bring along their letters to Santa if they have already written them, and post them to him :) Alternatively I have a couple of pretend ones they can use instead.

File 4.jpg

  The second set up is a full Christmas Bedroom Scene and is suitable for parents to get involved too if you wish too :) 

 For this set, you will need some pyjamas, ideally Christmas ones. Dressing gowns will work well too but are not needed.


  I do have all of the outfits above available as well as a few other dresses at the studio which you are welcome to use for your session if you like them and they fit. 


  However it is best to bring your own outfits to ensure we get the best out of your session.

 Here are a few ideas for outfits that I recommend, vintage, traditional, knitted, tartan. And Christmas Pj's :) 

 If you have any questions at all, please just ask and I will be more than happy to help :)